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The Estate Office, an attached department of Ministry of Housing and Works was established in 1947 at Karachi. The government of Pakistan had inherited certain units of Housing properties and the primary objective for the establishment to this department was to allot these housing units of the officers and the staff of the Federal Government posted at the then capital i.e. Karachi.

The organization was initially headed by two successive British Heads of Department namely Mr.M.S.Fieldman and Mr.K.H.Henly till mid 1949. After that the government of Pakistan posted its own officers from the then Ministry of Agriculture, Rehabilitation and Works. The present strength of the department is 356 out of which 352 officers and officials are in position; there are 13 officers in the departments in BPS-17 and above.

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Mr. Imran Zeb Khan Secretary (Housing & Works) is a revered bureaucrat. He is a role model who, listen to his subordinates attentively and address their complaints, suggestions, concerns, and personal issues.

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ESTATE OFFICER Mr.Obaid uddin Mr.Obaid Uddin is a senior officer of Estate Office Management. Upon the recommendations of the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC), he was appointed in Estate office as Assistant Estate Officer on 21st March, 1994. Read More

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Ministry / Division and their Attached Departments.

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All FGSs in the Ministries / Divisions and their Attached Departments except those maintaining their own pool of accommodation, shall be eligible for accommodation from the Estate Office.

Federal Government Servant (FGS) means a person who is appointed in a Ministry, Division or an Attached Department against a regular post and certified as such by the concerned Ministry, Division or Department excluding incumbents of posts filled on daily wages, contract and work charged basis or hired from contingencies, and adhoc basis.


Employees of Pakistan Military Accounts Department

Dated : 13-04-2018

Entitlement of Employees of National Assembly and Senate Secretariat

Dated : 09-05-2018

InEligibity of PM Office (Internal)

Dated : 11-01-2018

Notification Regarding GeoScience Advance Research Laboratory

Dated : 27-04-2018

PM Package 2017

Dated : 23-04-2018

Tender Scanning & Data Entry

Dated : 23-04-2018

Withdrawl of Notification No.54(4)-Admn-EO

Dated : 18-04-2018

InEligibility of Nationl Veterinary Laboratory Emplyees

Dated : 18-04-2018

Tender Hardware, Furniture, Fixture, Machinery and Other Items Quetta

Dated : 09-04-2018

Tender Hardware, Furniture, Fixture, Machinery and Other Items Karachi

Dated : 04-04-2018

Tender Hardware, Furniture, Fixture, Machinery and Other Items Lahore

Dated : 04-04-2018

Tender Hardware, Furniture, Fixture, Machinery and Other Items Peshawar

Dated : 04-04-2018

Notification Regarding Allotment to PIMS Employees

Dated : 04-03-2018

Tender Hardware, Furniture, Fixture, Machinery and Other Items

Dated : 30-03-2018

Tender Up-Gradation, Expansion and Maintenance of IT Solution

Dated : 21-02-2018

Notification Regarding Allotment to Police Employees

Dated : 08-02-2018

Notification Regarding Non-Entitlment of Auqaf Directorate

Dated : 19-01-2018

Notification Regarding Re-Emplyment

Dated : 18-12-2017

InEligibility of Constitutional Bodies to Get Government Accomodation From Estate Office Pool(IHC WP 316-2017)

Dated : 29-11-2017

Position Vacant

Dated : 11-11-2017

Stationery Tender

Dated : 22-08-2017

Supereme Court Of Pakistan, Judgement

Civil Petition No.1498 of 2011

Dated : 19-10-2011

  1. That in Future All the allotment will be made strictly on merits on the basis of GWL and
  2. Relaxtion of the rule under Rule 29-A of the Accommodation Allocation Rule, 2002 will not be open exercised, except in the cases of hardship and that to by recording reason for the same, after hearing the likely effected emoloyees in the GWL.

Allotment Of Government Accommodation under Rule of 15 of AAR-2002

Supereme Court Of Pakistan, Judgement CPLA No, 1090/2009

  1. The Accommodation allotment to retired / deceased Federal Government Servant will only be alloted to his serving children/spouse subject to entitlment and provided that the beneficiary was in government service during the permissible rettention period of six month and one year respectively.
  2. The Serving spouse/children of the retired/deceased FGS shall not be alloted accommodation of his/her category under Rule 15 of AAR-2002 and such accommodation shall be got vacated after expiry of grace period of six month and one year as the case may be.
  3. They Shall apply for accommodation of their entitlment. They shall be registerd in GWL under Rule 6 of AAR-2002 and shall be alloted first availbale accommodation of their entitlment/

Recovery Of House Rent.

Exemption of the Employees of FGS BPS 1 & 2.

  1. Rent Free Accommodation allowed to BPS 1 & 2 Offical as per notification issued by Finance Divion (Regulation wing) Dated 13-09-1999.
    The above decision shall take effect from Ist of July 1999.

Pool Accommodation.
  1. The Estate Office shall not place its accommodation at the pool of any other department except the ISI and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the houses already placed on the pool of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the ISI shall be restricted to their present number.
Designated Houses .
  1. The Ministry of Houses and works/Estate office will provide designated houses for specified posts which shall be alloted to the designated officers on undertaking that thay will vacate the house with in three month of their transfer from the post and hand over the possession of the house through concered enquiry office irrespective of the fact that alternate accomodation has been alloted to them or otherwise.

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